Is Jones Soda Vegan 2023? All Flavors Reviewed

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Jones Soda is a carbonated soft drink company based in the United States. Jones Soda is known for its unusual flavor combinations, such as Green Apple and Cream, as well as its unique bottle designs which are often collector’s items. However, is Jones Soda vegan?

All flavors of Jones Soda are vegan according to their website, because they don’t contain any ingredients sourced from animals.

Below is a table showing Jones Soda flavors and its vegan status.

FlavorVegan Status
Jones Berry LemonadeVegan.
Jones ColaVegan.
Jones Root BeerVegan.
Jones Diet ColaVegan.
Jones Lemon Lime SodaVegan.
Jones Fufu Berry SodaVegan.
Jones Blue Bubblegum SodaVegan.
Jones Cream SodaVegan.
Jones Green Apple SodaVegan.
Jones Diet Black Cherry SodaVegan.
Jones Special Release Turkey And Gravy SodaVegan.
Jones X Icee SodaVegan.
Jones Strawberry Lime SodaVegan.
Jones X Warheads Extreme Sour Black Cherry SodaVegan.
Jones Orange & Cream SodaVegan.
Jones Pineapple Cream SodaVegan.
Jones Special Release Crushed Melon SodaVegan.
Jones Watermelon SodaVegan.
Special Release Jones Sugar Cookie SodaVegan.
Jones Reindeer Poop Root BeerVegan.

Jones Soda Ingredients

Below is a list of ingredients from all the flavors that I could find.

  • Blue 1
  • Calcium Disodium EDTA (to Protect Flavor)
  • Cane Sugar
  • Carbonated Water
  • Citric Acid
  • Coconut Cream
  • Lemon Juice Concentrate
  • Natural and Artificial Flavors
  • Pectin
  • Potassium Sorbate (as Preservative)
  • Red 40
  • Sodium Benzoate (as Preservative)
  • Sucralose
  • Water


As always I’ve highlighted the ingredients that we need to take a closer look at.

Questionable Ingredients

Cane Sugar

Cane sugar is a tricky ingredients for vegans because there is a situation where is could be classified as non-vegan. Raw cane sugar is always vegan-friendly, but refined cane sugar might not always be. Cane sugar is often refined in order for the sugar to fit products better.

In this process the sugar is also bleached and one of the most common bleaching methods is to use bone char from dead cows. Exploiting animals in the production process does not align with veganism and this has made many vegan staying away from cane sugar.

Artificial Colors

Artificial colors is a very controversial ingredient within the vegan community. Some Jonas flavors do contain artificial colors and whether or not you as a vegan want to consume those flavors is up to you. The reason these colors are so controversial is the animal testing that has been done and maybe are being conducted today.

Natural Flavors

Natural flavors is an umbrella term, meaning that it often contains several ingredients. This causes a problem for vegans because natural flavors could contain ingredients sourced from animals and the ingredients label would only say natural flavors.

Since the sources are unknown in natural flavors, vegans needs to be careful. There are stories of weird ingredients sourced from animals being used in different flavorings. One example is the article National Geographic published where they disclosed that some vanilla flavor contains butt goo from beavers.


It’s amazing that all flavors of Jonas Soda are vegan. The company even disclose this on their website. A lot of flavors are very unique and if you are looking to experience some new tastes then I suggest you try Jonas Soda.

Thanks for reading, take care!

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