Are Zappos Gluten Free? [2023]

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For those with a sweet tooth, Zappos candy is the ultimate treat. Boasting a variety of flavors and colors, Zappos candy brings the joy of sugary goodness to people around the world. But, are Zappos gluten free?

Zappos are gluten free when reading the ingredients label.

Make sure to always read the ingredients label because companies can update their recipes.

Which Flavors Of Zappos Are Gluten Free?

The following flavors of Zappos are gluten free, grape, pineapple, strawberry, tutti frutti, cola, and raspberry.

FlavorIs It Gluten-Free?
Tutti FruttiYes



When reading the ingredients label i couldn’t find any common ingredients that contains gluten. What I’ve looked for was wheat, rye, Barley and Triticale.

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