Are Egg Whites Vegan?

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Are egg whites vegan? The answer is no. Unlike vegetarians, Vegans stick to a strict no-meat rule that includes anything that comes from them.

This is why eggs that come from chickens are considered a by-product of that animal.

While vegetarians often include honey, dairy, and eggs, Vegans exclude these items for the ethical reasoning behind them.

Vegan Egg Alternatives

Carton of eggs

Not eating eggs does not mean that you can’t do recipes that includes eggs in them.

There are some amazing egg replacements that will suprise you.

Let’s take a look.

Black Salt (Kala Numak)

Don’t let the name fool you since black salt is also called Himalayan black salt. Because it varies from where it’s collected from, the color itself is not typically black at all. Black salt is named because it’s infused with charcoal.

Sometimes it’s not even black colored and you can find its light pink to warm beige. It’s used as an excellent egg-like taste because of the sulfur-rich flavor that goes with eating eggs.

The smell is undoubtedly very egg-like which is why it makes a perfect substitute for a tofu egg scramble. Most people who aren’t Vegan who try a black salt tofu scramble think it’s the real thing.

It’s not always used for general recipes, so you’ll mainly find that Kala Numak can be used in fine amounts. It can intensify the flavor of the cooked egg where it fits best.

Silken Tofu

This is also called Japanese-style tofu and is different than regular tofu. It’s made by curdling soy milk and pressing these into soft cake-shaped forms.

The advantage of silken tofu is that it comes in different consistencies of hardness making it more ideal as an egg substitute.

It comes with its own natural flavor, with added flavors, or even smoked. Because it’s softer than regular tofu, it crumbles easier often resembling a scrambled egg.

Other items can be mixed with it such as Kala Numak (black Himalayan salt) to make an egg scramble. In cooking, it can be mixed with non-dairy yogurt and used for all kinds of Vegan cooking recipes.

Many recipes for Silken tofu can be made into an omelet but not limited to making pan-fried scallops likewise.


Some of the best things come from legumes and chickpeas are indeed by great alternative by-products. Aqaufaba is the water that’s inside white bean and chickpea cans and jars.

It can be drained away and is so close to egg whites in how it can be used. It can be used to replace eggs in many different kinds of ways.

This is especially important if you’re creating thicker sauces or condiments, such as mayonnaise and cheesy dipping-sauce replacements.

When used in cooking it can be whipped just like egg whites creating incredible whipped creams and meringues. It’s not limited as a binder to making meat-like substitutes too.

The wonder of Aquafaba is not only a recent discovery for Vegans in the last 5-years, but it’s also a game-changer. If you have a sweet tooth might want to try making delicious dessert meringues.


When most Vegas think of chickpeas they might think of aquafaba, but few realize that chickpeas are also replacing egg.

There is chickpea flour that is produced from dried chickpeas. It is ground into a fine powder that mimics the color of egg yolk.

It also has the same nutritional values as an egg, which is why it’s a great replacement. To make a liquid for you use 1:1 part of chickpea flour with non-dairy milk.

It’s best used for things that are cooked because it doesn’t have a very nice taste as a flour. This can then be used in many recipes that replace using real eggs.

It’s used best in making cookies, flatbreads, and making veggie fritters and burgers.

Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are another amazing innovation that can be used as an egg substitute. The seeds are ground into a fine powder and then mixed with water. The result is a jelly-like substance that works just like egg whites.

After about 15 minutes inside the fridge, it gets more jelly-like, so the result is even more egg-like. This in turn is mixed into an emulsifier and foaming agent.

It’s good for making cookies and brownies, but not for cakes. It can include recipes including pizza, meatloaf, black bean burgers, and even pecan pie.

When mixed with whole wheat flour, it can make several Vegan-friendly dishes that need egg substitutes.

Chia Seeds

Here is also Chia seed that can be ground into a fine powder and mixed with water. It works just like flaxseed and aquafaba.

. You can use the Chia seed for making pancakes, muffins, and brownies. Not to mention that pudding and other egg-replacing recipes can use Chia seed too.

Egg Replacer

There is also Tapioca starch that is also a great egg replacement. This is especially good for making very convincing cheese and gooey mozzarella for vegan pizza.

There is also cornstarch with a bit of water, veggie puree, or using an overripe banana. These can all replace egg to a certain degree, but not as effective as the above mentioned.

Cornstarch, veggie puree, and banana are all recommended for baked goods like bread and muffins.


Being a Vegan isn’t so bad when you can see the health benefits behind how it all works. There is plenty of nutritional value behind egg replacement as well.

Not only that, it’s been well documented that eggs contain higher amounts of cholesterol, that’s a hazard for your health.

Egg replacements have provided many options for Vegans who love cooking and want to live healthier.

We hope these options presented here are a better alternative for baking and cooking, especially when an egg is used.

If you’re curious to see what else these substitutes can do for you, there are thousands of Vegan-friendly recipes online.

Whatever the recipe calls for that replaces egg, you can use one of these clever egg-like supplements.

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