Hi my name is Mikael and I have been a vegan for over 7 years. I launched IsThisVeganFriendly.com to help others in their vegan journey, by sharing my experience in the form of articles to the best of my ability.

My vegan journey started with a very popular documentary called “Forks over Knives“. Me and my wife took a year off to play professional volleyball and mid season we watched this documentary and it got us thinking.

Could we potentially transition into a vegan diet and still perform to our maximum level. Spoiler alert, our results were amazing!

We set some rules to make the transition easier. We cooked vegan-friendly food at home and if we were eating out, we had the option to eat non-vegan food.

Over time we switched over to more and more vegan-friendly foods because the benefit we noticed our ability to perform better in volleyball started to increase. Before we knew it, we where eating a 100% plant-based diet and we felt stronger that ever.

Both our teams ended up wining the season and we can’t claim it was the vegan diet since it’s a team effort, but our experiment was a success. We could train hard and perform on the volleyball court while on a plant-based diet.

We’ve never looked back since.

What started as an experiment changed our lives forever and has made us more aware regarding animal-cruelty, environmental issues and health issues that non-vegan diets could cause.

One important thing that I want to give before you leave this page is that everyone’s vegan journey is different and eating more plant-based foods will contribute to prevent animal-cruelty, a better environment and better health.

Take care!